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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you take reservations?


A: I'm sorry, we don't! We're so small that it's difficult to hold tables and really hurts us if a reservation is late or doesn't show, so at least for now we are walk-in only.

Q: Do you serve alcohol?

A: We do! We serve beer, wine & some cocktails, and we have some great NA beers if you are a non-drinker.

Q: Do you have any options for kids?

A: We do! We have a small kids menu that is available for dine-in only.

Q: How busy will you be at 7:00 pm?

A: It's so hard for us to say how busy we'll be at any given time, but if you want to give us a call close to the time you're thinking of coming in we'll be happy to let you know how busy we are.

Q: Do you still make cakes?

A: Yes! It helps to give a week's notice but Audrey still bakes cakes all the time. Shoot her an email at You can get an idea of options by taking a peek at our cake menu linked in the menu above.

Q: Do you know anyone who can take me on a guided fishing trip?

A: That is so funny you should ask! Sam is a licensed fishing guide and loves taking folks out fishing. He is our front-of-house guy, so just ask him if you stop in!

Q: Where did you get the wallpaper on the walls?

A: It isn't wallpaper! Our chef Audrey painted it. If you are interested in having a custom mural painted in your house, shoot her an email -

Q: What's going on with the bakery? Will you guys ever re-open?

A: We may expand the hours at the bistro at some point, but we hope to sell the bakery building and just focus on this location. If you know someone who wants to buy it,

let us know!

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