all cakes, fillings and frostings are made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. to order, please email

Cake Menu

Butter Cake 

This is the traditional vanilla cake I use in the bakery. Made with egg yolks and sour cream, it has a thick, almost pound cake-like crumb and a yellow hue. Starting at $36 for an 8". Add lemon, coconut, or funfetti sprinkles for an extra charge.


White Velvet Cake

This is more traditional for a wedding cake - light, whiter in color, made with eggs whites and milk for a soft, tender crumb.

Starting at $36 for an 8".


Chocolate Cake

A traditional, very moist chocolate cake made with Valrhona cocoa and buttermilk.

Starting at $36 for an 8".


Red Velvet Cake

Traditional Red Velvet cake, moist & delicious.

Starting at $40 for an 8".

Carrot Cake

Ours is nut-free and chock-full of carrots.

Starting at $40 for an 8".

Cake Fillings 

Chocolate or Vanilla Custard (starting at $5 for an 8")

Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry or Blueberry Jam (starting at $5 for an 8")

Caramel (starting at $4 for an 8")

Fresh Berries (starting at $8 for an 8")

Lemon Curd (starting at $5 for an 8")

Cake Frostings 

Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercream

Cream Cheese frosting

Dark or White Chocolate Ganache (starting at +$3 for an 8")


Simple decoration is included in price; extra decor priced by time required and subject to availability.

Thank you for looking! Feel free to email with any questions.

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